Wolf from the lore


As our float­ing com­pan­ion con­jures a bridge to span a chasm, we’re shown a fleet­ing glimpse of a lost civil­i­sa­tion, whose story is de­liv­ered in a por­ten­tous (and slightly hammy) voiceover. “From the be­gin­ning, we had this idea of an­i­mals ex­plor­ing the story of mankind with­out man be­ing present,” Graff says. “We looked at a lot of dif­fer­ent cul­tures and ended up lik­ing the con­cept of an In­can or Mayan-based cul­ture for our civil­i­sa­tion.” This is the part of the game most likely to change be­tween now and its re­lease date in 2018. “It’s still not com­pletely fin­ished,” Graff ad­mits. “We changed a lot of the story just a cou­ple of months ago.”

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