The sto­ries you un­cover dur­ing The Witcher III’s quests can of­ten feel time­less, a qual­ity that comes with their fairy­tale-like na­ture. It feels like there’s a moral liv­ing at the heart of ev­ery one. There’s the woman who cov­ets her sis­ter’s ly­can­thrope hus­band, only to ac­ci­den­tally sub­ject her to death at his hands. There’s a haunted cas­tle where rats have de­voured the court of a lord who lived in plenty while the vil­lagers out­side faced famine and plague. There’s the man who’s been left bound by the refugees he was trav­el­ling with and is about to be at­tacked by drown­ers; save him and he seeks out and mur­ders the refugees in re­venge, tak­ing their money in or­der to re­ward you for your deed. De­cid­edly colour­ful, they each ex­plore reper­cus­sions to hu­man foibles.

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