Star Wars Bat­tle­front PS4 The sole happy con­se­quence of an­other win­ter of un­avoid­able Star Wars hype is the re­lease of Bat­tle­front’s free DLC, X-Wing VR Mis­sion. It’s per­haps a lit­tle slower than we’d like, but we can’t fault EA for priz­ing ac­ces­si­bil­ity over in­ten­sity where Star Wars is con­cerned. Re­gard­less, the re­sult is de­li­cious, an in­tox­i­cat­ing spot of fan ser­vice scream­ing to be ex­panded into a full game. Pix­eljunk Shooter PS4 Dip­ping back into Q-Games’ blaster for a fa­ther/son co-op run re­veals its suit­abil­ity not only as a great game for kids, but also an ex­cel­lent way to teach chil­dren some physics. Lava melts ice; wa­ter so­lid­i­fies lava. Then there’s that pur­ple mag­ne­tised liq­uid, and the gi­ant rock worm’s gas­tric juices, cre­at­ing con­trol-sap­ping gas bub­bles… OK, per­haps it’s not en­tirely text­book. Watch Dogs 2 PS4 Open-world games that give you weapons have a hor­ri­ble ten­dency to get out of hand. If you haven’t ever been chased out of a set­tle­ment by what feels like a vil­lage’s en­tire pop­u­la­tion, you’ve not re­ally played Skyrim prop­erly. With fel­low hu­mans in Watch Dogs 2’ s mix, though, Ubisoft pushes things to a new level. Be­ing pur­sued by not only the po­lice but a pair of hun­ters named neo­cor­tex999 and big_nutz86 re­ally gets you think­ing about your wild mis­deeds.

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