While Lit­tle Night­mares is lead­ing the charge, Statik and an unan­nounced project are also wait­ing in the stu­dio’s wings. Go­ing from work-for-hire to work­ing on three games si­mul­ta­ne­ously is an am­bi­tious switch, but it hasn’t changed Tar­sier’s goals. “I think what’s been on our side with com­ing out with th­ese at the same time is that we’re not try­ing to be big­ger than we have ca­pac­ity for. We’re still about qual­ity,” Mervik says. “Lit­tle

Night­mares is about fewer char­ac­ters, with more fo­cus on each. And with

Statik we’re like, ‘This doesn’t need to be more than a two-hour ex­pe­ri­ence, so let’s make it a re­ally worth­while one.’” Tala­jic is even more can­did: “We try to be smart in our choices, and that helps us make some­thing spe­cial. We’re aware that we can’t com­pete with Naughty Dog in terms of pro­duc­tion and costs, so we tried to think of con­cepts we can do that are dif­fer­ent and work with the bud­gets that we have, and the peo­ple – we don’t have a spe­cial­ist fo­cused on an­i­mat­ing ears.”

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