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A look back at the good, the bad and the down­right bizarre of a re­mark­able year in videogames


Yes, 2016 was a hell of a year, but at least in terms of videogames we can say it in the pos­i­tive sense. The world at large may not look back on the past 12 months with much fond­ness, yet those of us who were play­ing games will de­bate where it sits among the list of the great­est of all time.

It’s cer­tainly up there, if only for the way that 2016 saw so many dreams come true. It was the year VR games fi­nally ar­rived in the home, backed by some of the big­gest tech­nol­ogy com­pa­nies on the planet. Tet­suya Mizuguchi fi­nally got to re­alise

Rez the way he’d al­ways pic­tured it in his head. Square Enix man­aged to ship Fi­nal Fan­tasy XV. Bethesda got its long-in-de­vel­op­ment Doom re­boot out of the door. And, heav­ens above, we will no longer get to ask Shuhei Yoshida what’s go­ing on with The Last Guardian when we see him at E3, be­cause it’s fi­nally here. All have been suc­cesses, to vary­ing ex­tents.

There have been bumps in the road, but the de­lays are get­ting shorter, the con­tro­ver­sies no longer quite so scan­dalous, the dis­ap­point­ments not nearly so crush­ing. This was the year the con­sole gen­er­a­tion re­ally got into its groove, and per­haps it’s just as well. Just three years in, the gen­er­a­tion is about to change; PS4 Pro and PSVR are al­ready here, pos­ing new headaches to de­vel­op­ers who were just start­ing to feel com­fort­able. This time next year we’ll have Switch and Scorpio, too. It feels like lit­tle co­in­ci­dence that a year of rel­a­tive sta­bil­ity has also been one of great­ness. We’ll take some of that out­side of games, too, please.


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