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Tokyo 42’ s mul­ti­player mode is a game of con­trast­ing pace, the posed non­cha­lance of ev­ery­one feign­ing anonymity break­ing into fran­tic gun­fights as play­ers let slip their masks. While com­par­isons to the likes of Spy Party and As­sas­sin’s Creed are ob­vi­ous, other games did not in­spire what Tokyo 42 was go­ing to be, but what it wasn’t. “In skill-based mul­ti­player games,” Strychal­ski says, “like Call Of Duty or some­thing, you’re al­ways on. We re­ally wanted a game where you could just stop for a while, and take a breather be­fore it gets in­tense again. There’s a lot of skill in the fight­ing, but you don’t have to al­ways be on form.” With our Call Of Duty skills leav­ing us as more grey hairs ap­pear, we ap­pre­ci­ate the sen­ti­ment.

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