Too close for com­fort


VR de­sign­ers aren’t solely pre­oc­cu­pied with how to make the best game they can; those that seek the largest pos­si­ble au­di­ence must also make sure to of­fer a com­fort­able ex­pe­ri­ence. De­spite the chaos on the bat­tle­field be­low you, Korix is one of the least in­tense games we’ve played in VR. The only po­ten­tial con­cern is the tele­port, but a sub-100ms re­sponse time means the view changes be­fore your brain can re­act ad­versely to it. Tay­lor hosts fre­quent playtest­ing ses­sions at his stu­dio, but hasn’t had to rely on ex­ter­nal feed­back. “I’m ter­ri­ble with VR sick­ness,” he says. “So I can test on my­self. If I feel a bit queasy within ten min­utes, I know I’ve done some­thing wrong.”

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