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As play­ers, we talk a lot about how videogames feel, about the sim­ple, tac­tile plea­sure of mov­ing a char­ac­ter through a world. But only rarely do we dis­cuss how they make us feel. There is joy in Rez In­fi­nite’s me­chan­ics, cer­tainly – head-tracked aim­ing makes this the most in­tu­itive in­car­na­tion of Tet­suya Mizuguchi’s sem­i­nal mu­si­cal shooter to date. But this game is re­mark­able not for what it lets you do, but for what it does to you. A sin­gle playthrough of the open­ing level is enough to con­vince the most res­o­lute doubter of the mer­its of vir­tual re­al­ity. How­ever, as per­fectly suited as Rez’s 15-year-old cam­paign is to VR, it is Mizuguchi’s 2016 cre­ation, Area X, that ce­ments In­fi­nite’s place in this list. Yes, there are me­chan­i­cal and tech­ni­cal ad­di­tions to the for­mula, but its real magic is al­chem­i­cal, mys­ti­cal, al­most spir­i­tual, a shud­der­ing body high that has re­duced many to tears, and had many oth­ers call it life-chang­ing. The search for synaes­the­sia has de­fined a good part of Mizuguchi’s ca­reer; in vir­tual re­al­ity, he has found it, to as­ton­ish­ing ef­fect.

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