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For the Taito-li­censed Space In­vaders Frenzy, Raw Thrills has part­nered its tow­er­ing eight­foot World’s Largest Pac-Man screen with an un­likely set of com­po­nents: the con­trol panel, guns and chairs from its Juras­sic Park Ar­cade light­gun game. This fun­da­men­tal change to the clas­sic Space In­vaders setup means you also no longer move your laser base back and forth be­neath the en­croach­ing alien forces; in­stead you have two bases at op­po­site sides of the screen from which lasers con­verge on which­ever sec­tion of the screen you point your sights. This in­fuses the game with a dash of Mis­sile Com­mand – un­der­scored by the bounc­ing me­te­ors that come into play.

While your bases are static, there’s still a row of de­struc­tible shields across the bot­tom of the screen, if only to evoke the clas­sic setup. As with World’s Largest Pac-Man, Space In­vaders Frenzy has videmp­tion and amuse­ment modes, is fes­tooned with LEDs (65,000, in fact), and can be played by one or two play­ers. Each seat also con­tains a sub­woofer, for that authen­tic throb­bing in­vader vibe.

Game Space In­vaders Frenzy Man­u­fac­turer Raw Thrills

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