The Te­gra X1 tech­nol­ogy on which Switch’s GPU is based may be get­ting on a bit – its maker, Nvidia, is soon to phase it out with the re­lease of a suc­ces­sor, Te­gra X2 – but Nin­tendo’s new con­sole of­fers a marked im­prove­ment over Wii U and a colos­sal one over 3DS.

Breath Of The Wild, for in­stance, runs at 720p and 30fps in hand­held mode (the same res­o­lu­tion as Wii U of­fers con­nected to a TV, with a smoother fram­er­ate, at least on the ev­i­dence of last year’s E3 build) and 900p when docked. Mario

Kart 8 Deluxe, mean­while, is ren­dered in 1080p, a con­sid­er­able im­prove­ment on the orig­i­nal game’s 720p. There’s less wel­come news from Spla­toon 2, how­ever, which only runs at 720p on Switch – though Nin­tendo is at pains to stress that devel­op­ment on the game is not yet com­plete.

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