De­vel­oper/pub­lisher Nin­tendo (EAD) Ori­gin Ja­pan Re­lease April 28

Un­like Spla­toon 2, this is de­serv­ing of its name. This en­hanced edi­tion of­fers Mario Kart 8’ s base con­tent, plus the 16 ad­di­tional tracks added through post-re­lease DLC – and while the lack of any fur­ther cir­cuits may dis­ap­point on the face of it, it’s not like Mario Kart 8 was in par­tic­u­lar need of more sin­gle­player con­tent. Bat­tle Mode, how­ever, dis­ap­pointed back in 2014, set across race­tracks in­stead of in com­pact are­nas. Deluxe’s of­fer­ing is a re­turn to the mode’s glory days by re­mak­ing some of its greatest maps, in­clud­ing Dou­ble Dash’s Luigi’s Man­sion ef­fort, and the orig­i­nal game’s Bat­tle Cir­cuit 1. Sadly there’s no room for N64’s bril­liant Block Fort; our in­ner cynic sug­gests it may fol­low as DLC. Aimed pri­mar­ily at those who skipped Wii U, there are in­cen­tives for the ex­ist­ing owner, with new char­ac­ters and ve­hi­cle parts, and a bump to 1080p.

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