De­vel­oper/pub­lisher Nin­tendo Ori­gin Ja­pan Re­lease Win­ter

Shigeru Miyamoto admits there’s a push and pull with Nin­tendo’s ap­proach to Mario games; that af­ter the devel­op­ment of Su­per Mario 64 and Sun­shine, the com­pany felt it had been fo­cus­ing too squarely on skilled play­ers, so the likes of Gal­axy and 3D World were aimed at a more casual au­di­ence. Nin­tendo is tar­get­ing the for­mer group with Odyssey, which sees Mario ex­plore the open – and jar­ringly re­al­is­tic – sand­box of New Donk City. Clearly mod­elled on New York, it’s per­haps the strangest set­ting for any Mario game to date, but air­ship travel will take the plumber to more fa­mil­iar fan­tas­ti­cal sur­round­ings. Mean­while, Mario’s hat has grown a pair of eyes and has greater me­chan­i­cal im­port – it’s throw­able and can be used ei­ther as a weapon or a makeshift plat­form. Odyssey is al­ready es­sen­tial; if only it had been ready for launch.

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