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There may only be five spring-sport­ing brawlers in our demo build, but there’s sig­nif­i­cant va­ri­ety be­tween them even be­fore you start think­ing about your arm load­out. Spring­man is an all­rounder with a lofty jump; Rib­bon Girl ticks the fast-butweedy box; Mas­ter Mummy has a large health pool, and can re­fill it while block­ing. Our early favourites, how­ever, are Nin­jara, whose Blink-like air dodge is a bril­liant es­cape op­tion, and Me­chan­ica, who blends Over­watch’s D’Va and Marvel Vs Cap­com’s Sen­tinel, a mech-suited girl who can jump mul­ti­ple times in suc­ces­sion and even fly for a time. All are uni­fied, how­ever, by iden­ti­cal movesets, in­clud­ing their combo-flurry su­per moves – a sharp point of dif­fer­ence from the com­mand lists of tra­di­tional fight­ing games.

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