Race Ven­tura


Still liv­ing in fear of Mor­rowind’s vi­cious, hard-to-hit Cliff Rac­ers? It’s time to breathe easy and put 15 years of hurt be­hind you. “Early on, we were like, ‘No fuck­ing Cliff Rac­ers, no fuck­ing Cliff Rac­ers,’” Rich Lam­bert laughs. “We just didn’t want them be­cause they were such a ter­ror in Mor­rowind, but we still wanted to have call­outs to them. So the new War­den class has a Cliff Racer they sum­mon, and we now have Cliff Walk­ers, which are like ptero­dactyls that just walk around. I think we may even have a bird ver­sion of the Cliff Racer, where it’s just kind of up in the air – it doesn’t ac­tu­ally fight you, but they’ll be cir­cling around high. There’s no com­bat against Cliff Rac­ers, though.”

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