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Sys­tem Era has clearly de­vel­oped Astroneer pri­mar­ily with PC in mind. The Xbox One ver­sion is lag­ging be­hind on the up­date sched­ule; right now, pro­ce­dural gen­er­a­tion ren­ders the planet on ap­proach in clumsy steps, while the fram­er­ate dips no­tice­ably on oc­ca­sion when you’re down on the sur­face. The in­ter­face, de­signed for mouse and key­board, feels slightly cum­ber­some trans­lated to a con­troller, and fine-tun­ing ter­rain de­for­ma­tion is dif­fi­cult. On PC, it’s much eas­ier to dig out a smooth slope to ex­tri­cate your rover from a hole than on con­sole, for ex­am­ple. Still, de­spite warn­ings of po­ten­tial bugs in this pre-al­pha ver­sion, we only en­counter a sin­gle tem­po­rary snafu, when we land on a bar­ren planet and briefly sink be­neath the sur­face.

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