Couch coin-op


Each world holds a sin­gle Play Coin, which you can take to low-poly di­nosaur Rex­tro to ex­change for a mul­ti­player ar­cade game – any you’ve un­locked can sub­se­quently be ac­cessed from the main menu. We play a se­lec­tion of these with three Play­tonic staffers (each game sup­ports two to four play­ers), and though they’re fairly sim­ple, they prove sur­pris­ingly mor­eish. One com­bines Cap­ture The Flag with Bomber­man to ram­bunc­tious ef­fect, while a top-down weaponised racer is messy and noisy in all the right ways. The high­light, how­ever, is Gla­cia­tors, a rush for shiny Quills in an arena that steadily melts un­der­foot, where barg­ing is pos­i­tively en­cour­aged.

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