Mas­ter builders


Lego Worlds’ build­ing tools are pow­er­ful, al­low­ing play­ers to ter­raform its pro­ce­du­rally gen­er­ated worlds at any time, dig­ging holes deep into the ground and smooth­ing moun­tains, but also to make finer ad­just­ments. How­ever, with their so­phis­ti­ca­tion comes the cost of learn­ing their use. “But you don’t have to, and my six-year-old son’s a whizz with them now,” Doyle says. Build­ing block by block comes with the fid­dly chal­lenge of ma­nip­u­lat­ing 200 dif­fer­ent brick types with a con­troller or mouse and key­board, a de­sign prob­lem that seems in­tractable, but not enough to dis­suade Steam’s many tal­ented builders, who’ve made re­mark­able mod­els, some of which have be­come part of the game.

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