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Shi­ness is set in the world of Ma­hera, a planet that was torn apart in an ex­plo­sion and now ex­ists as sev­eral is­lands, each with its own cul­ture and civil­i­sa­tion. Each sec­tion has a ba­sic ecosys­tem too, and you can hunt the lo­cal wildlife. Catch­ing crea­tures by sneak­ing up on them will net you rarer, or at least more valu­able, items than if you sim­ply lurch at them full tilt. Enigami has also cre­ated a lan­guage, Ma­he­rian, for the world’s oc­cu­pants, though an English­dubbed ver­sion is avail­able for anyone averse to read­ing sub­ti­tles. But some words and phrases will stay in Ma­he­rian, since the team is too bash­ful to trans­late some of its more full-on in­sults, many of which are used in a Mon­key Is­land- style boss en­counter.

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