Im­pact Win­ter

Mojo Bones feels the chill as it reimag­ines the sur­vival genre


PC, PS4, Xbox One

The park, or at least what’s left of it, is a sur­real sight buried un­der 50 feet of snow. Now hol­lowed out into a frozen cave, it has be­come a net­work of chilly, gloomy cham­bers in which we’re search­ing for com­po­nents that can be used to build a ba­sic heater for the aban­doned church that we, and four other sur­vivors, have com­man­deered as a shel­ter. Mid-search we hap­pen across an in­jured man who begs us to bring him med­i­cal sup­plies. We agree, trig­ger­ing a new event, but our in­ven­tory is stuffed full of breeze blocks, metal pipes and scrap metal. Deep down, we know we’re not com­ing back. On the ar­du­ous re­turn trip to the church a no­ti­fi­ca­tion pops up to tell us that the event can no longer be com­pleted, and we know that the man no longer needs our help.

Im­pact Win­ter’s post-apoc­a­lyp­tic world is se­vere and un­for­giv­ing – a vast, po­ten­tially deadly tun­dra in which op­por­tu­ni­ties, items and other sur­vivors ap­pear ran­domly while you do your best to keep your five-strong party alive for the 30 days it will take for help to ar­rive. But while the harsh win­ter, base man­age­ment, and fo­cus on sur­viv­ing un­til you’re res­cued evokes com­par­isons with 11 bit stu­dios’ This War Of Mine, Im­pact Win­ter of­fers a pro­foundly dif­fer­ent ex­pe­ri­ence.

“We’re fans of the game, but stylis­ti­cally it’s very dif­fer­ent to Im­pact Win­ter,” lead de­signer Stu Ryall tells us. “But the big thing we’re try­ing to con­vey with our game is this idea of the team be­ing au­to­mated. Your team will sleep when they’re tired, and they’ll get food when sup­plies are low. You can do in­ter­est­ing things with that be­cause we have morale in the game and char­ac­ters can be­come de­pressed – they can ar­gue with each other ran­domly based on their moods, and you can

Ako-Light fol­lows you around when­ever you ven­ture out­side, pro­vid­ing a torch, a radar and a mod­est in­ven­tory. You have to con­sider the de­vice’s bat­tery, how­ever, as if it runs flat you’ll be left with only ba­sic nav­i­ga­tion and no light

ABOVE In­te­ri­ors are peace­ful, melan­choly spa­ces whose empti­ness un­der­scores your vul­ner­a­bil­ity within this as­ter­oid-dev­as­tated world.

LEFT Sup­plies are semi­ran­domly dis­trib­uted each time you start the game, though you’ll al­ways be able to find food in su­per­mar­kets and medicine in phar­ma­cies

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