Aloy must gather the re­sources she needs to craft ammo and po­tions, ex­pand her car­ry­ing ca­pac­ity, and up­grade her kit and weapons. While many com­po­nents can be stripped from fallen ro­bots, or found in stor­age crates, you’ll also need to hunt live game to ac­quire skins and meat, and de­velop a keen in­ter­est in the lo­cal plant life in or­der to gather wood for ar­rows, in­gre­di­ents for health and re­sis­tance po­tions, and to keep the small med­i­cal bag you carry for quick heal­ing topped up. Bon­fires dot­ted about the world can be lit in or­der to save progress, and once you be­gin craft­ing trav­el­ling kits you can use any of them as fast trav­el­ling points.

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