Stealth games en­tered the main­stream along­side the mat­u­ra­tion of 3D polyg­o­nal graph­ics, with Thief:TheDark Project, Tenchu: Stealth As­sas­sins and Me­talGearSolid lead­ing the charge in 1998. It was some­thing of a false dawn, in hind­sight –

Tenchu is all but for­got­ten to­day, and while Thief is highly re­garded, it hasn’t spawned suc­ces­sors so much as a se­ries of more cal­cu­lat­ing ac­tion ad­ven­tures (such as Arkane’s

Dis­hon­ored) that lever­age its agility, or­nate steam­punk aes­thetic and sto­ried en­vi­ron­ments. Metal

Gear Solid, mean­while, has be­come prac­ti­cally its own genre. Ubisoft’s ear­lier

Splin­ter Cell is per­haps the de­fin­i­tive stealth se­ries in terms of fea­tures, but it’s all but van­ished fol­low­ing 2012’s Black­list.

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