Pro­ce­du­rally ac­cented


There is, ac­cord­ing to Good­man, an in­es­timable amount of loot in the game. “The way that it’s gen­er­ated means there are hun­dreds of items and thou­sands of per­mu­ta­tions of each of those items for each in­di­vid­ual char­ac­ter,” he says. “Some of it is pro­ce­du­rally gen­er­ated, so it’s re­ally un­lim­ited in terms of how many dif­fer­ent pieces can cre­ate an arm piece or a head piece.” In truth, the loot isn’t pro­ce­du­rally gen­er­ated so much as the re­sult of a ran­dom num­ber gen­er­a­tor. The spe­cific stats of each piece of ar­mour are ran­domised, but fall within a pre­de­ter­mined range, so you can re­ceive the same piece of ar­mour with a clutch of dif­fer­ent po­ten­tial stat mod­i­fiers.

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