Can­non strike


You can bod­ily dodge out of the way of in­com­ing pro­jec­tiles, al­though us­ing this eva­sive tech­nique will in­cur a ‘strike’. With each one, your op­po­nent’s ball grows in both speed and size, mak­ing it more likely that you’ll be hit. “We wanted sub­point games, as in baseball,” says Go­dat. “Every one of those plays into a smaller story arc, which plays into a big­ger story arc.” Three strikes and, with the game’s cur­rent rule sys­tem at least (Go­dat ad­mits it may be tweaked or rewrit­ten), you au­to­mat­i­cally lose a point to your op­po­nent, even if you man­age to dodge their pro­jec­tile, which, by this point, is around the size of a beach ball.

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