When Rime was an­nounced it was a PlaySta­tion ex­clu­sive, but Ru­bio wanted the stu­dio to re­tain the rights to the game, and be able to re­lease it on other plat­forms. Lacking the fi­nan­cial clout needed to buy them back from Sony, how­ever, Te­quila needed to find a part­ner who could help. Its busi­ness rep, DDM Agency, in­tro­duced the stu­dio to Six Foot, who in turn put Ru­bio and co in touch with

Dread­nought pub­lisher Grey Box. “We had to solve the sit­u­a­tion pretty fast be­cause we had re­spon­si­bil­i­ties and they were su­per-re­cep­tive to the idea,” Ru­bio re­calls. “They were to­tally fine with us keep­ing the rights, they were to­tally fine not step­ping in on any cre­ative de­ci­sions – the game is so per­sonal and was so ad­vanced in devel­op­ment, any­one that is mess­ing with it is go­ing to cause a de­lay in the best case and prob­a­bly in the worst case is go­ing to col­lapse the whole thing. When you’re deal­ing with a new pub­lisher, you don’t know if they are go­ing to be the cool guy, or try to be the next ‘in­sert evil pub­lisher name here’. We’re lucky they turned out to be the cool guy. Work­ing with them has been easy and it’s prob­a­bly some­thing we’d like to re­peat.”

Cre­ative di­rec­tor Raúl Ru­bio

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