All Walls Must Fall



De­vel­oper/ pub­lisher In­be­tweengames For­mat PC Ori­gin Ger­many Re­lease Septem­ber

Set in an al­ter­nate fu­ture Ber­lin where the wall never came down, this iso­met­ric tac­tics game from three ex-Jager devs has Syn­di­cate, X-COM and a dash of In­vis­i­ble,Inc in its bones, and a puls­ing techno rhythm in its veins. Each turn is bound to the beat of a pro­ce­du­rally mixed sound­track that plays in the night­clubs you ex­plore, cre­at­ing a re­sound­ing pay­off to en­coun­ters as the ac­tion rewinds, re­play­ing events in re­al­time while the mu­sic reaches a crescendo.

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