An­dromeda’s co-op mul­ti­player mode mir­rors its coun­ter­part in Mass Ef­fect 3 in many re­spects. You and your team take on waves of ene­mies in small, cover-packed are­nas, some­times with other ob­jec­tives to com­plete along the way. New char­ac­ter classes, weapons and up­grades are un­locked through loot boxes, which can ei­ther be earned at a rel­a­tively rapid pace or bought for real money. An­dromeda’s fun­da­men­tally strong com­bat sys­tem is shown in a flat­ter­ing light here, with the new move­ment abil­i­ties per­mit­ting more dra­matic acts of hero­ism than were pos­si­ble in Mass Ef­fect 3. Your suc­cess or fail­ure in mul­ti­player feeds ac­quired re­sources back into the sin­gle­player cam­paign, though it has lit­tle bear­ing on the over­all arc of the story.

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