Six isn’t quite at the bot­tom of The Maw’s food chain. From time to time you’ll see lit­tle hat­ted crit­ters – or are they chil­dren? – called Nomes skitter out from darkened nooks. They’re not a malev­o­lent force, nor are they en­tirely harm­less, since their move­ments are oc­ca­sion­ally enough to at­tract un­wanted at­ten­tion from the ele­phan­tine adults. But they also en­cour­age you to probe the world more care­fully by func­tion­ing as a sort of col­lectable. Squeeze through a crack in a wall, for ex­am­ple, and you might find a Nome warm­ing it­self by a lan­tern, prompt­ing you to sweep it up into a hearty cud­dle. You can af­ford to be less del­i­cate with the hand­ful of china dolls spread across the game’s five chap­ters: your ob­jec­tive is to smash them.

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