You can peek through most key­holes by tap­ping Square while stand­ing next to a door, and then mov­ing the nar­row view­ing cone left or right us­ing the left stick. You might not be able to see ev­ery­thing that’s go­ing on in a room even when you can hear the con­ver­sa­tion, so some­times you’ll need to watch events unfold from an­other an­gle in or­der to come up with a sus­pect. While your main map grad­u­ally builds to a full floor­plan of the man­sion, hold­ing L2 at any time also brings up a pulled-back, iso­met­ric rep­re­sen­ta­tion of your im­me­di­ate sur­round­ings, which shows foot­steps, speech and other sound sources. You can use this to fig­ure out where a char­ac­ter is head­ing if you hap­pen to lose sight of them.

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