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Sa­muel Boucher on Ko-op Mode’s strik­ing VR puz­zle game, Gnog


Gnog is a strik­ing-look­ing VR puz­zle game from Ko-op Mode, in­spired by Blue­bird Toys’ Polly Pocket and Mighty Max minia­turised play­sets. It’s like a psy­che­delic take on The

Room’s more in­tri­cate puz­zle boxes, with each of the game’s brightly coloured lev­els tak­ing the form of a ro­botic head that con­tains a tiny world. By ro­tat­ing the heads and in­ter­act­ing with the var­i­ous switches, but­tons and other con­trap­tions con­tained within, se­crets are grad­u­ally re­vealed.

“We’ve tried to make the lev­els as tac­tile as pos­si­ble,” de­signer and artist Sa­muel

Boucher says. “See­ing the toys sus­pended there in VR, just within arm’s reach – that was huge. Sud­denly th­ese abstract shapes just felt so much more real and present, like you could just reach out and pick them up and keep play­ing with them. It’s def­i­nitely our favourite way to play the game.”

Boucher, who is also a graphic de­signer and il­lus­tra­tor, taught him­self to model in 3D us­ing SketchUp for the project. “Be­cause of my back­ground, which was ex­clu­sively 2D,

Gnog is sim­ply the ex­ten­sion of my style in three di­men­sions. I’m in­spired by in­dus­trial de­sign, fur­ni­ture, and sur­real colour pal­ettes, and a lot of those shapes and flour­ishes have found their way into Gnog.” The game launches for PS4 and PSVR on May 2.

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