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The things that caught our eye dur­ing the pro­duc­tion of E306



Games­man cat­a­logue ar­chive­men cat­a­logues If, like us, you spent a good por­tion of your child­hood paw­ing through the Ar­gos cat­a­logue and back pages of mag­a­zines cov­et­ing the ou­tra­geously ex­pen­sive con­soles and games, The Games­men’s ar­chive should of­fer a pleas­ant shot of nos­tal­gia. While the cat­a­logues don’t reach back as far as the Aus­tralian re­tailer’s found­ing in 1982, it still takes in 26 years of sea­sonal bul­letins. You can flick through each one and re­live a time when the Master Sys­tem was still be­ing mar­keted more ag­gres­sively than the newly re­leased Mega Drive, the prospect of whack­ing a 512kb RAM ex­pan­sion card in your Amiga 500 felt rev­e­la­tory, and adding a Sound­blaster card to your 486 DX2 rig was some­thing to get re­ally fired up about.


As­ter­oids with lasers­teroids

As­ter­oids has long evaded be­ing cap­tured in an ar­cade­per­fect home con­ver­sion. The sym­bi­otic re­la­tion­ship be­tween the orig­i­nal’s game­play and those pierc­ing vec­tor-drawn vi­su­als is in­cred­i­bly dif­fi­cult to em­u­late, but that hasn’t stopped Youtu­ber and co­me­dian Matt Parker from team­ing up with vis­ual artist and pro­gram­mer Seb Lee-Delisle to have a go. Their so­lu­tion in­volves some cod­ing wiz­ardry, a gi­ant screen and a dan­ger­ously pow­er­ful 4W RGB laser. Not quite a so­lu­tion for the av­er­age liv­ing room, then, but learn­ing about the guts of As­ter­oids makes for fas­ci­nat­ing view­ing any­way.


Wave Run­verun Cre­ated for Global Game Jam 2017, Jamie Rollo’s fast-paced jet­pack­ing plat­former is a for­mi­da­ble chal­lenge. There are shades of Su­perMeatBoy in the pre­ci­sion long jumps and dan­ger-cov­ered sur­faces, but rather than rely en­tirely on mo­men­tum, the rocket on your back af­fords you some life­sav­ing thrust. You can fire small jets af­ter jump­ing – to hover, ad­just your po­si­tion or ar­rest a fall – or fling your­self in any di­rec­tion you choose us­ing a jet boost. You can com­bine th­ese two moves with wall jumps and run­ning to cre­ate an un­bro­ken flow of move­ment through the spike-lined and wa­ter-filled pas­sage­ways. The jet­pack uses fuel, how­ever, so you’ll need to top up from awk­wardly placed de­pots. It’s thrilling stuff, and gen­er­ous check­point­ing en­sures the game re­mains fun rather than in­fu­ri­at­ing.


Planet Coaster OST­et­coast­erLP There’s a lot to like about Plan­etCoaster, but one of its most ap­peal­ing – and sur­pris­ing – as­pects is the Jim Guthrie and JJ Ipsen­penned sound­track. Big-hearted, lilt­ing slices of ex­pan­sive Amer­i­cana, the com­po­si­tions feel at once dis­con­nected from, and yet per­fect for, the game. In­deed, th­ese are the tunes that gen­tly waft in and pro­vide wel­come re­lief from the ca­coph­ony of the rides and scream­ing pa­trons when you zoom out from the ac­tion. Now the sound­track is avail­able through iam8bit as a beau­ti­ful gate­fold dou­ble LP fea­tur­ing pink and pur­ple vinyl and art by Syd Weiler. A good way to with­draw from any hec­tic sit­u­a­tion, we’d say.


If you doubt that Steam is grow­ing in China: for last 3 months we’ve sold 3x as many units of TheLongDark there as in the US.

Raphael Von Lierop @Raphlife Game di­rec­tor, TheLongDark The two best VR games are Alien:Iso­la­tion and Half-Life2 and they both have had their VR sup­port bro­ken so you can’t do it any­more Joe Win­ter­green @joewin­ter­green De­signer, Im­promptu Games I just want ev­ery­thing on Switch. It re­ally ir­ri­tates me when I can’t take a game into the kitchen to check my rice is boil­ing.

Geraint Evans @_gerain­te­vans_ Founder, Rice Dig­i­tal Silly idea, but proper pre­filter­ing of equirect po­lar com­pres­sion could be done di­rectly by trun­cat­ing hor­i­zon­tal jpg DCT co­ef­fi­cients.

John Car­mack @ID_AA_Car­mack CTO, Ocu­lus

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