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Set in 160,000 sq km of 2D space but able to ex­pand to fit player pop­u­la­tion sizes,

Lazarus is a mas­sively mul­ti­player take on As­ter­oids that fea­tures dy­nam­i­cally cre­ated mis­sions, ter­ri­tory war­fare, min­ing, de­fence con­struc­tion, ship up­grades and tech trees. This is a per­sis­tent uni­verse, with a fi­nite num­ber of re­sources for thou­sands of con­cur­rent play­ers to team up and fight against each other to win. But it lasts for only a week be­fore the uni­verse is wiped and play­ers start again. Not all is lost, though: there will be se­cret ways for play­ers to pull some of their pro­gres­sion through to the next week. The lim­i­ta­tions of ping mean that it won’t have one uni­verse for all play­ers but three – one each for the Amer­i­cas, Europe and Asia – but it’s a taut demon­stra­tion of Spa­tialOS’ prom­ise. It’s not only ap­pli­ca­ble to sprawl­ing strat­egy games and RPGs, but also those that hinge on light­ning-fast re­ac­tions and skill.

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