De­vel­oper Ninpô Ori­gin France


Spa­tialOS games can of­ten seem to re­alise what you al­ways hoped a genre would be­come. Van­ish­ing Stars is one of those, an MMORTS in which you es­tab­lish colonies on plan­ets, steadily cap­tur­ing land and se­cur­ing re­sources from both AI and other play­ers. Once you’ve con­quered the globe, you take off and cap­ture an­other, steadily ex­tend­ing your em­pire into a sin­gle shared galaxy. Since other play­ers can cap­ture your plan­ets while you’re off­line, you can set strate­gies and de­fences for an AI as well as go di­rectly into bat­tle. Though Ninpô is a two-per­son stu­dio, Colony Wars is one of two games in de­vel­op­ment. The other is a dig­i­tal-phys­i­cal col­lectible card game based in the same uni­verse; Colony Wars was orig­i­nally a sim­ple ex­ten­sion for Face­book, but af­ter Ninpô was in­tro­duced to Spa­tialOS its scope ex­ploded. “Two im­pos­si­ble projects! Seems a bit crazy, but that’s what in­spired us,” says Cé­dric Tatan­gelo.

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