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So far 15 years in the mak­ing, Chronicles Of Elyria is a fan­tasy MMO that aims to solve many of the prob­lems with its genre and in do­ing so has be­come the ul­ti­mate MMORPG, at least in con­cept. Set in what cre­ator Jeromy Walsh says will be the largest-ever world of its type, with each con­ti­nent be­ing 30,000 sq km, ev­ery item is per­sis­tent, rust­ing when aban­doned, and ev­ery­thing you do is meant to have some im­pact on the world. It fea­tures a player-driven econ­omy, which ex­tends to the quest sys­tem: if an NPC asks you to gather 15 pieces of ore, they’ll make them into saleable items. There are sur­vival me­chan­ics, but no grind or endgame. In­stead your char­ac­ter is given a des­tiny to ful­fil be­fore they die: char­ac­ters age a year for ev­ery re­al­time week, so you’ll be try­ing to sire heirs who’ll in­herit your achieve­ments and in whom you’ll rein­car­nate. “We re­ally wanted to recre­ate the hu­man con­di­tion,” says Walsh.

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