Lat­ter-day Saints


De­spite not be­ing a Saints Row game, Agents Of May­hem con­tains threads that link back to Vo­li­tion’s pre­vi­ous se­ries. Ar­guably it’s a re­boot, but only if you’re will­ing to take Saints Row se­ri­ously enough to pre­tend it ever had co­her­ent lore. In one of the end­ings of the mis­er­able Saints Row IV spin-off Gat Out Of Hell, Johnny Gat asked God to re­boot the uni­verse. Agents Of May­hem is that uni­verse. The Saints you re­mem­ber still ex­ist here, but they’re not the peo­ple they were be­fore. Pierce Wash­ing­ton, a ma­jor char­ac­ter in the Saints Row se­ries, ap­pears here as an agent. It’s an al­ter­nate take on the same per­son­al­ity; ex­pect his per­sonal mis­sions to have lots of nods to Vo­li­tion’s pre­vi­ous games.

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