Core strength


If nods to the Souls games and Team Ninja’s Nioh aren’t enough, per­haps we can in­ter­est you in an idea bor­rowed from

Nier: Au­tomata? The med­bay in the ops cen­tre al­lows you to up­grade your rig’s core ca­pac­ity us­ing im­plants. You’ll star with four slots, to be filled with var­i­ous bits of kit such as de­vices that al­low you to heal while out in the field, see en­emy health, or in­crease your HP pool. Ev­ery im­plant drains power, how­ever, so you’ll also need to man­age con­sump­tion. Rais­ing the max­i­mum ca­pac­ity will open new im­plant slots (up to eight in our build) which should al­low plenty of scope for cus­tomis­ing the game around your playstyle.

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