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While Nin­tendo has clearly fo­cused on mak­ing Arms feel ac­ces­si­ble even to novice fight­ing-game play­ers, genre stal­warts will find plenty of depth be­neath the sur­face. Well-timed jabs can knock away in­com­ing at­tacks, and grab at­tempts can be sim­i­larly coun­tered. You can fo­cus at­tacks not on the op­po­nent’s body, but their arms; dam­age one or both enough, and they’ll be dis­abled for a spell. The most ver­sa­tile tool is the Flurry Rush su­per, which has a burst­like prop­erty upon ac­ti­va­tion to bat away nearby limbs; can be de­layed, so you can ac­ti­vate it and wait for the dodge at­tempt be­fore you start to punch; and which can be can­celled into from other at­tacks re­gard­less of whether they hit. We dis­cover this by ac­ci­dent, hit­ting the trig­ger but­ton to ac­ti­vate Flurry Rush in a panic, af­ter re­al­is­ing a grab at­tempt was go­ing to miss its tar­get.

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