Des­tiny PS4

The Age Of Tri­umph, Des­tiny’s fi­nal up­date, seems on first in­spec­tion to of­fer more than enough con­tent to keep us on the hook un­til the ar­rival of Des­tiny 2. But the chal­lenges in its Record Book will need dozens of hours of grind­ing through con­tent we al­ready know too well. Up­dates to old raids are in­trigu­ing, but most of our reg­u­lar group went their sep­a­rate ways months ago. The lure of the peer­less Vault Of Glass raid, now up­dated with its old loot at con­tem­po­rary power lev­els, means that we’re back, yes – but not, we sus­pect, for too long.

Parappa The Rap­per Re­mas­tered PS4

We stroll through Chop Chop Master Onion, of course. A driv­ing les­son is no prob­lem for th­ese ex­pe­ri­enced hands, ei­ther, and a dub-reg­gae chal­lenge at a mar­ket stall is no prob­lem ei­ther. But then we must bake a cake, and ev­ery­thing falls apart time and again, as al­ready dodgy tim­ing win­dows are wors­ened by an HDTV’s in­put la­tency. We get that the pur­pose of a re­mas­ter is to rekin­dle old flames, but some­times a warts-and-all re­make will reawaken old night­mares, too.

No Man’s Sky PS4

While the prospect of in­ter­ga­lac­tic travel is un­de­ni­ably al­lur­ing, some of the most en­joy­able mo­ments we’ve spent with this flawed – but steadily im­prov­ing – game have come from hun­ker­ing down on a sin­gle planet and ex­plor­ing it more fully. The Pathfinder up­date makes that much eas­ier, adding new cus­tomis­able exo-craft – which can now be sum­moned at any time and are ca­pa­ble of vol­ume-min­ing with mounted lasers – plus more parts for base con­struc­tion, and a flex­i­ble photo mode.

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