Noo­dle is joined on his jour­ney by Doo­dle, a hum­ming­bird who flits be­tween objects of in­ter­est and po­si­tions her­self on perches to in­di­cate where you should climb next. She can also be called upon to lift Noo­dle’s tail: this fea­tures heav­ily in the fi­nal four stages, where pow­er­ful up­drafts al­low the two to cross large gaps be­tween plat­forms. Alas, she doesn’t al­ways re­spond, and it’s not al­ways im­me­di­ately clear why – OK, she mightn’t want to get her feath­ers wet, but some­times she’ll ig­nore you when you need a last-minute boost onto a ledge. Dur­ing the trick­ier se­quences, her pres­ence be­comes a nag­ging ir­ri­ta­tion, as Noo­dle’s strug­gles con­trast with the ease with which she nav­i­gates th­ese worlds. You can al­most hear her think­ing, “What took you so long?”

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