Through­out, var­i­ous key events oc­cur that Langer­mann can cap­ture on his cam­era along with the var­i­ous bits of text you find. Do­ing so in­volves keep­ing your cam­era trained on the sub­ject or mo­ment while a cir­cu­lar red bar fills. You can then re­view this footage at any time by switch­ing to your in­ven­tory – which, in a nice touch, sees you look down at your cam­era and two pock­ets con­tain­ing your batteries and ban­dages. Langer­mann spouts some ram­bling in­sight about each event as you watch the footage back. Un­for­tu­nately, he also re­peats your vague ob­jec­tive (“Find Lynn, noth­ing else mat­ters,” for ex­am­ple) ev­ery time you look, which quickly be­comes ir­ri­tat­ing.

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