While Ubisoft Mon­treal has built Siege into an es­sen­tial team shooter, the stu­dio’s com­mit­ment to its evo­lu­tion can some­times cause prob­lems. The most re­cent mid-season re­in­force­ments patch – the lat­est in a se­ries of regular up­dates that, among other things, buff or de­buff oper­a­tors – has caused no small amount of con­tro­versy. Per­haps the big­gest cause of griev­ance is that Glaz, an op­er­a­tor armed with a sniper ri­fle who can be game-chang­ing in the hands of an ex­pe­ri­enced player, now has a ther­mal scope. It means smoke and gas no longer cause him prob­lems, and even a sliver of ex­posed limb can be eas­ily tar­geted. But while it may feel un­bal­anced, play­ing the game since launch has taught us that blips like this of­ten level out when re-con­tex­tu­alised by new oper­a­tors.

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