Game com­men­tary in snack-sized mouth­fuls


“Some­one told me, ‘You’re not in­die.’ Fuck off! I make games on my kitchen ta­ble with my bare fuck­ing hands. How much more in­die do you need to be?”

Maybe a bowl-cut hairdo and an al­bum of ob­scure El­liott Smith cov­ers would help, Brenda Romero

“I don’t think free-toplay is go­ing to be as dom­i­nant [in VR] as it is on mo­bile. I think there will be more of a bal­anced mix.”

Thank heav­ens for that, ex-Rovio GM Oskar Bur­man

“Go back to Words With Friends. Devs were like, “Oh, it’s just Scrab­ble on a phone. Yeah, ex­actly. The best things are just X meets Y.”

Quite right, Cliff ‘Miyamoto meets Blink-182’ Bleszin­ski

“This in­cred­i­bly tal­ented team got it done, de­spite the fact that a lot of them, in­clud­ing me, didn’t re­ally know what they were do­ing.”

We feel like that ev­ery four weeks, Halo de­signer Jaime Griese­mer

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