It’s all very well sit­ting in some mon­strously over-en­gi­neered gam­ing chair, bathed in the gar­ish light emit­ted by your key­board, but if the heart of your setup is some cheap flat­pack desk you’re let­ting the side down. Thank good­ness, then, for Aerodesk, which is thought­fully of­fer­ing to re­lieve you of £5,295 –plus VAT, mind – so that you can re­place your low-tech ta­ble with some­thing more ap­pro­pri­ate. The Gam­ing Desk can be used seated or stand­ing, and fea­tures a sub­woofer sound bar, a 5500 Kelvin light bar that can recre­ate day­light or of­fer mood light­ing, and two spots that ei­ther heat or cool your drink. Ab­surd, yes, but you know you want one.

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