Oh boy


Al­right, enough. I’m done. I don’t care how good it looks when you open it. I don’t care how it sounds as the lock pops open and the con­tents spill out. And I don’t care what’s in­side, ei­ther, de­spite the beams of light and joy­ful fan­fare that sug­gest I should be be­side my­self with glee. I am sick of loot.

It used to be fun. I played a bit of WOW, and some Di­ablo III, and it was a re­fresh­ing way of mak­ing me want to keep play­ing. When you find a pair of mag­i­cal trousers with flames com­ing off them that do poi­son dam­age to any­thing that gets too close to you, well, how can you com­plain about that? In iso­la­tion, you can’t, but when you’re get­ting magic-poi­son-fire trousers in ev­ery game, it’s not so ex­cit­ing.

Sud­denly it feels like ev­ery game I play has a loot sys­tem of some kind. I love

Over­watch, but the more I play it, the more it feels like it’s a game about col­lect­ing cos­tumes for vir­tual ac­tion fig­ures that just hap­pens to have one of the best mul­ti­player games of all time in­side it. Some of the group I play with have spent hun­dreds on at­tempts to get a new skin for their favourite char­ac­ter, and since the sys­tem’s ran­dom, they’ve of­ten failed. It sours the game for them – a game that, for my money, is per­ilously close to per­fect. With­out loot, it might be, though I sup­pose it would make less money, and that’s all that re­ally matters.

In Di­ablo III, it felt novel. In Border­lands and Des­tiny, I could dig it. But by the time

The Divi­sion came around I re­alised I was tired of the gear grind, but now I look at my PS4 li­brary and it’s just ev­ery­where, from

Alien­ation to In­jus­tice 2, No Man’s Sky to Tekken 7. Well, no more. From this day forth I will have a zero-tol­er­ance ap­proach to videogame loot. A bril­liant game should be re­ward enough by it­self. Ev­ery­thing else is just a flam­ing pair of silly trousers. Steve Dyson

We’d love to agree with you, but that would mean wav­ing good­bye to such of­fice sta­ples as Des­tiny and Puz­zle & Dragons, which we’re afraid sim­ply isn’t hap­pen­ing. We hope the next 12 months of PlayS­ta­tion Plus bring you plenty of loot-free fun, though.

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