Just gets bet­ter


I love the cryptic clues you leave on the last page of each is­sue to show what the cover of the next one will be: the tip of the Mas­ter Sword in E303? Breath Of The Wild, ob­vi­ously. The sad as­sort­ment of shoes and be­long­ings in E301? Schindler’s Li- I mean, Lit­tle

Night­mares was on the way. And there was no mis­tak­ing that black belt at the end of E288.

So at the end of E304, you have a sil­hou­ette of a tot­ter­ing tower in a for­est and I strolled into the newsagent a month later ex­pect­ing to see Edith Finch on the cover, and in­stead there’s a smug child and a fox for no

Rime or rea­son? C’mon guys. We’re just lucky we live in an en­light­ened In­ter­net age where this sort of thing doesn’t in­cite wild over­re­ac­tions. Shaun Smith

The next-is­sue page doesn’t al­ways tease the fol­low­ing month’s cover – of­ten it’s some­thing we’re ex­cited about else­where in the mag. But thanks for not ex­press­ing your dis­plea­sure through death threats. We get quite enough hate mail as it is.

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