Plug and slay


Most weapons ac­cept torch and scope at­tach­ments, but you’re also able to build your own tools from scratch. Cus­tom weapons are con­structed from three main parts: the main mod­ule de­ter­mines the ammo type, (laser, plasma, etc); the bar­rel mod­i­fies dam­age, ac­cu­racy and pro­jec­tile speed; while the rear mod­ule holds the mag­a­zine, cylin­der or bat­tery you need to hold ammo. In play, ammo is un­lim­ited, and you reload by drop­ping your hands to your waist, flick­ing the bar­rel out side­ways, or throw­ing the bar­rel for­ward and back in the case of, say, a shot­gun. All weapons are sin­gle-handed be­cause larger weapons with a pair of in­de­pen­dent con­trollers didn’t feel as con­vinc­ing.

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