Crys­tal chron­i­cles


Found sev­eral times dur­ing the demo, in out-of-the-way chests and oc­ca­sion­ally dropped by some of the more im­pos­ing mon­sters, the equip­pable crys­tal pow­ers ap­pear key to a great deal of Blood­stained’s strat­egy. Herald­ing their own ar­rival by way of a screen-shat­ter­ing stained glass ef­fect and the rude im­pact of a huge, glim­mer­ing shard plough­ing through Miriam’s chest, th­ese more pow­er­ful abil­i­ties can be equipped two at a time. Some are pas­sive, like the afore­men­tioned dou­ble jump, while oth­ers are not, such as when she’s launch­ing phan­tom dragons from sword swipes, or pour­ing di­rectable 180-de­gree flame jets from her palms.

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