In a se­ries that is usu­ally heav­ily au­thored, has switch­ing to a fully open-world de­sign caused any prob­lems? “Fuck yes – it’s dif­fi­cult!” Hay tells us. “It’s one thing to write some­thing on pa­per, and an­other thing to de­liver it. But I think what’s cool about what we’re build­ing is that we are start­ing to see it hap­pen. We have th­ese real-feel­ing peo­ple telling sto­ries about the lore and the cult, and hint­ing that you might want to go to dif­fer­ent lo­ca­tions in the world. It’s very much about bread­crumb­ing, but it’s dif­fer­ent for us – we want to make sure that we still pro­vide play­ers with the abil­ity to snack on sto­ries, and step into ac­tion bub­bles, but that they’re rel­e­vant and that it still feels like the meta is some­thing that you can fol­low and is rel­a­tively easy to un­der­stand.”

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