This genre-hop­ping game is one of the la­bel’s most ex­cit­ing projects. It comes from a small team at Ra­di­a­tion Blue, a stu­dio boast­ing tal­ent from Cry­tek, Yager and Io In­ter­ac­tive. Part Rogue­like and part FPS, with el­e­ments of base-build­ing and sur­vival sims, it fol­lows a mis­sion to colonise plan­ets af­ter Earth’s re­sources have been de­pleted. Re­sources you har­vest can be used to boost the re­sis­tances of the clones that man your ship, which you can cus­tomise by bolting on new mod­ules. And be­sides in­hos­pitable con­di­tions on the plan­ets you visit, you’ll also have alien ag­gres­sors to con­tend with.

“We’re not help­ing them with de­vel­op­ment,” Pick­les says. “They’re han­dling that, in­clud­ing the even­tual con­sole re­leases. What they wanted was [as­sis­tance] on the com­mer­cial and mar­ket­ing side. They’re ner­vous talk­ing to press, so we’re help­ing them with that.” That said, the weekly us­abil­ity ses­sions proved use­ful in iden­ti­fy­ing a flaw, prompt­ing a change to the game’s de­sign. “When you die, you [as­sume the role] of the high­est-rank­ing clone,” Martin ex­plains. “But when we played it, we built a mas­sive ship, and I died and the near­est clone was ba­si­cally the length of the Bat­tlestar Galac­tica away. The en­tire ship burnt as I ran all the way down the other end. So now we have el­e­va­tors, and that means we can now also have ver­ti­cal ships.”

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