Play any mode, on­line or off, and you’ll earn a cur­rency that can be spent on new arm types. To do so you must buy a pass to a minigame based on the main game’s Skill­shot dis­trac­tion, but with a cou­ple of twists: pass­ing clocks can be struck to in­crease the timer, and loot pack­ages will oc­ca­sion­ally ap­pear at the far end of the stage, each yield­ing a new arm when hit. You can take any char­ac­ter in, though there’s no ef­fect on which fighter you’ll get new toys for – but progress is steady, since there are no du­pli­cate drops. It’s throw­away stuff, but at least it’s a re­fresh­ing spin on char­ac­ter pro­gres­sion. We don’t know about you, but we’re get­ting sick of the sight of loot boxes.

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