Joyride mode ap­pro­pri­ates the DirtFish Rally School in Wash­ing­ton for a huge se­ries of cour­ses on which to at­tempt lap-time and smash chal­lenges. The for­mer dots each cir­cuit with red and green to­kens – each of the lat­ter you pick up re­duces your lap time by a sec­ond, while hit­ting the for­mer, which are of­ten placed in dif­fi­cult-to-avoid lo­ca­tions, does the op­po­site. Smash chal­lenges, mean­while, give you a set num­ber of blocks to find and de­stroy with your car, tracing routes that al­low you to go full Ken Block as you slide the car around piles of tyres and un­der ex­ca­va­tor arms.

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